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We are and the professional independence deck builder, your one-stop-shop for all your decking needs. We offer the best cutting edge solutions to all your decking problems in Independence Missouri. We have all the skills and experience required to handle all your residential and commercial decking projects in independence. 

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We offer the best quality decks built with the best quality materials. Our quality decks can be made with different materials such as wood, vinyl, composite, etc. In this post, we will talk about the different types of wood used for wood decks and why you should hire us to handle the installations, repairs, and replacements of your wood decks. 

Redwood Decking

We maintain redwoods by applying a good quality sealer before using the redwood to construct wood decks and reapply this sealer over a period of time. As a decking material, redwood is known to be naturally stable and resists every form of warping.

The stability of redwood ensures your wood decks look great for a very long time. Redwood is known to contain very little and sometimes no resins which helps it retain finishes perfectly. As a professional Independence deck builder, we know everything about these redwoods and where to find the choicest logs and boards for your wood decks.

Cedar Decking

Cedar has always been considered to be a type of softwood and it has been used for many generations for residential and commercial woodwork purposes. Cedar has a natural powerful resistance to insects and rots, which makes it a desirable wood for many woodworks.

It is however not always the best wood for your wood decks, because it can weaken and splinter under heavy pressure and traffic. We can use this type of wood for the balustrade of your wood decking railings, your privacy fencing, and structures like planters and pergolas.

We are honest enough to advise you on what species of wood is suitable for your wood decks and which ones are not strong enough to give you the best quality wood decks.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated lumber is both insect and rot-resistant. We often use this type of wood as a support system due to its ability to hold up well. We never recommend or use this type of wood for wood decks because they can be unstable, shrink and twist.


Ipe is a natural hardwood popularly used in the 60s and logged from the ancient old-growth forests of Southern America. It has always been a good option for wood decks among professional deck builders. Ipe is strong, durable, and affordable. It has great termite and mildew resistance as well. It has a smooth finish and tight grain structure that prevent splintering when used for the construction of wood decks.

Why we are the best Independence deck, builder

We want to make sure we use the best quality and most durable wood for your wood decks whenever you hire us to handle your deck building projects in Independence. Some other quality wood species we use include the Mahogany wood species which is as beautiful as it ensures you get a long-lasting deck at the end of the day. Another quality wood species we use for your wood decks is the Teak wood known for its beauty and high durability. 

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When you come to us to help you make the best choice of wood for your deck, we will walk you through the entire selection process to make sure you choose the suitable and durable wood for your wood decks. When it comes to installing the best quality wood decks, we are the hands you can always trust. Get in touch with us to learn more about the cost and nature of our services and someone will respond to you immediately.