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A good quality composite deck is enough to increase the value of your home and make you feel at peace with the world around you. However, installing a composite deck isn’t a job for some random handymen. You have to hire a certified professional to get the best quality composite decks. You won’t find another decking company offering the quality of composite decks and other decking services we offer in Independence Missouri. Let’s see what composite decks are and their major advantages:

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So what are composite decks?

Before we go further on why you should let the Independence deck builder handle your composite deck’s projects, it is important we help you understand what composite decks are and why they can change the overall look of things around your home. 

Composite decks are wood alternatives that have fast become the most popular and widely accepted decking material for residential decking needs since well over a decade now. A composite deck is simply an environmentally friendly alternative to lumber which perfectly combines wood fiber and plastic to guarantee you get the best quality decks that will serve you and your household for years. 

What are the major advantages of composite decks?

Composite decks are known to have certain impressive advantages over other popular decking options. Let’s see some of the major advantages of composite decks here:

1. Weather-resistant

One very important advantage of composite decks over wood is its ability to withstand the adverse effects of harsh weather conditions. This is why we recommend composite decks for outdoor projects due to its resilience and durability.

2. Stain-resistant

Composite decks are not easily stained due to their smooth surfaces. You won’t have to worry about annoying stains defacing your decks and spend money trying to get them cleaned out always.

3. Lightweight

Composite decks are lightweight in nature, but this does not in any way affect their ability to withstand high traffic situations. The lightweight nature of composite decks makes them suitable for decking your story buildings and other elevated platforms.

4. Won’t splinter or rot

Composite decks are strong enough to survive intense pressure that would have led to the splintering and rotting or ordinary wood decks. Composite decks can last for decades without showing any signs of splintering and come with the major advantage of not showing any sign of rot.

5. Low Maintenance

The strong and highly resistant nature of composite materials makes composite decks easy to maintain. Apart from cleaning your composite decks to get rid of dust and debris, it does not require any serious maintenance and repairs. What this implies is that you will enjoy your quality and attractive composite decks for several years without any issues. You don’t have to worry about hiring a decking company and paying regular maintenance fees.

6. Color Variety

Composite decks are the most colorful decks you can find anywhere today. As a reliable and reputable Independence deck builder, we offer a wide variety of composite deck colors to ensure you find colors that fit your home designs and color preferences. This is one thing that makes composite decks the most attractive for your outdoor home designs. 

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